WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A Polish court on Tuesday acquitted three activists who’d been accused of desecration and violating religious feelings for distributing and producing pictures of a revered Roman Catholic superstar shifted to incorporate the LGBT rainbow.

The paintings, which they spread in the city of Plock in 2019, utilized rainbows as halos within a picture of the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus. Their goal was to protest what they believed that the hostility of Poland’s powerful Catholic Church toward LGBT individuals.

The court in the city of Plock failed to see signs of a crime and discovered that the activists weren’t inspired by a desire to violate anyone’s religious feelings, but instead wished to shield those confronting discrimination, based on social websites.

“Defending the honour of the Mother of God is the duty of each people, along with also the guilt of the accused is incontrovertible,” the band’s creator, Kaja Godek, stated on Facebook. “The courts of the Republic of Poland should shield (Catholics) against violence, such as by LGBT activists.”

The situation was observed in Poland because of liberty of speech evaluation under a profoundly conservative government that’s been pushing against secularization and liberal viewpoints. Abortion continues to be another flashpoint in the nation following the recent debut of a near-total ban on it.

1 suspect, Elzbieta Podlesna, stated when the trial started in January the 2019 actions in Plock was ravaged by an installment in the town’s St. Dominic’s Church that correlated LGBT individuals with offense and sins.

An LGBT rights group, Love Doesn’t Exclude, welcomed the judgment as a”breakthrough”

“That is a victory for its LGBT+ resistance movement at the homophobic state of the European Union,” it stated.

Podlesna advised the Onet news portal site the desecration supply in the penal code”leaves a door open to use it from people who believe a little differently.

“I wonder how the rainbow — a sign of tolerance and diversity — offends those feelings. I can’t understand that, particularly since I’m a believer,” Podlesna informed Onet.

Podlesna was detained in an early morning police raid on her flat in 2019, held for many hours and contested within the posters. A court later explained the detention was unnecessary and ordered compensation of approximately $2,000 given to her.

Due to all of the attention the shifted icon has obtained, it’s currently a extremely recognized picture in Poland, one occasionally seen at street protests.