Former Justice SecretaryKenny MacAskill MPhas repeated calls for the Lord Advocate’s powers to be split.

Dorothy Bain, QCLast month, the besieged position was taken over by the new occupants.James Wolffe, QCThe pressure to split the role in two was mounting. TheSNPMany believe that the office’s current form violates the separation between powers and it promised to consult.

Police are investigating claims that the SNP handled hundreds of thousands of pounds that were raised for independence campaigns, but which have yet to take place. The party denies these allegations.

Mr MacAskillALBAEast Lothian MP, stated: “This latest development regarding the complaint against SNP only accelerates the need to change in the Lord Advocates power.

“The Chinese walls and the recusal of the Lord Advocate from taking up the case are completely inadequate and widely accepted as such. The position of Lord Advocate, senior Scottish government legal advisor and chief procuror, is no longer viable.

This is the heart of democracy and justice. We must make changes in the former to protect integrity.

“The separation of the posts has been long overdue. Justice cannot be seen to be done without it.”