As a part of its approach to reduce insurance costs, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE) is looking for observations by the general public and interested parties about the function of PIAB as well as the performance of their PIAB Acts 2003-2019.

“I’ve met regularly with PIAB along with a range of representative bodies to estimate the part of PIAB and create proposals to reform and enhance the bureau.

“The 2nd Motor Report in the Central Bank clearly reveals why reform is essential. The very clear message to the general public in the report is fiscally they’re barely any better off moving through the legal path for personal injury claims, and it takes almost two times as long for a similar sized settlement”

The consultation will operate till 17 April 2021.

Mr Troy said:”The suggestions I’m thinking about cover the two administrative changes over the present process in addition to possible legislative changes to improve the amount of instances retained inside the PIAB system.

“This appointment will operate parallel to the continuing function of officials in my department that carry on functioning together with PIAB and are actively creating suggestions for legislative reform.

“The philosophical principle of the strategy would be to get greater personal injury cases solved by PIAB at a quicker interval and with lower prices. I’m confident that significant reforms will appear in PIAB.”